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Forward Brands LLC was incorporated in May 2010 under the law of State of Florida. Between May and November product searches and manufacturer providers were researched, selected, contacted and physically visited. Negotiations were conducted successfully and territorial exclusivities were garnered. At the present the existing suppliers are located in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Spain and growing into other major geographical providers including but not limited to Mexico, Central and South America.

Our main supplier Grupo Bocel, family owned and established in 1965 is one of the largest producers of pasta, cookies, crackers, sponge cakes, etc. in the Caribbean and south of the United States. In Paris, France, during 2004 La Dominicana Industrial, C. por A. was recognized internationally with the XXIV International Food and Beverage New Millennium Award. They also received an award by Quality Summit in 2005 in New York City for the Quality Model QC100. El Grupo Bocel has one of the most modern factories (one of them cost $43,000,000 to build) in this hemisphere, and own their plants, trucks, equipment, real estate, etc. Their products are also distributed in: Puerto Rico, Panamá, Guatemala, Surinam, Guyana Inglesa, Granada, Guadalupe, Saint Martin, Saint Kitts, Haiti, Jamaica, Islas Turcas y Caicos and USA.

Other major supplier is Caribbean Desire. A company dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of natural products of the utmost quality. Presently, their product line consists of the following: 100% Natural Honey with 100% natural additives, White and Dark Vanilla without Coumarin, which is an unauthorized FDA ingredient, Almond extracts, 100% Natural ginger in liquid form and 100% Natural syrups.

All products are elaborated with prime quality ingredients and manufactured under the latest advancements in processing and quality control. Everyone with the endorsement and approval of the Institute of Innovation in Biotechnology and Industry of the Dominican Republic, Bioprocess Nikay and Aybar Ecotechnologies, and ISO 9000 certificate.

Life Food Products is another important supplier. Ecuadorian company with a high qualified human capital dedicated to the production and commercialization of Natural Frozen Food. Life Food Products provide delicious products that offer convenience and ease, as well as quality as Green Plantain Empanadas filled with Cheese, Tuna, Shrimp or Blue Crab. Also with the same filling but made with Wheat. Among these products, Life also brings to us Cassava Bread, Sweet Plantains, Fried Green Plantains and Yucca fries.

Epic Seas is also one of our most important food providers. Gourmet presentations are kits of raw, clean, deveined, no head, no tail, IQF shrimp on skewers or in pouches plus fine cooked sauces in pouches for basting or sautéing. Two Styles of Shrimp Products: Shrimp Skewers and Shrimp Sautés. Both presentations available in Retail, Club Store and Institutional Packaging.


To sell and deliver hi quality products to all our clients, with an exceptionl service.


To be the most valuable and trustfull partner for our clients.

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Mission: To market and deliver great products to our customers with exceptional service

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